About us

SLEEP IN GRASSE was born from an encounter in a garden…a love story between Lionel and Karine, between a local boy and a girl from Provence, seduced by the city of perfumes.

Lovers of old stones, we have spontaneously decided to create our brand in the historic centre and very heart of the rebirth of Grasse, by merging two professions, tourism and perfumery !

My fifteen-year professional experience in real estate has led us to a better understanding of the furnished rental market in Grasse; however, I was longing for an innovating and exciting sea change to achieve a fulfilling sense of emotion, sharing and hospitality.

Thanks to the international recognition of the know-how in perfume-making and the return of high end designers such as Dior, Chanel or Vuitton and their “Perfumed Fountains”, thanks also to the dynamism of half a score of perfume flower producers, we have been living a beautiful and great adventure since 2017, while staying attuned to our visitors keen on perfumes.

photo Karine et Lionel
Photo Grasse

We are careful to lead and sometimes accompany our visitors towards new discoveries and fragrance experiences that the wonderful Pays de Grasse has to offer. As for our perfume students, especially our foreign students, we maintain a friendly relationship to help them feel “at home”, get them settled in the best possible conditions so that they can pursue their most enriching years of education in Grasse.

SLEEP IN GRASSE… is the birth of a brand that we embody through our complementarity every time we put our hearts into a new refurbishing project.

We always create unique inspiring renovations, each one an invitation to relax with its own olfactory identity.

A brand we want to develop abroad with our perfumed candles in the making to bring a little something back from Grasse at home. Home fragrances and relaxing essential oil pillow mist for SLEEP IN GRASSE !